About Spades

Spades is a society that comes with the purpose of promoting science and engineering and providing science students from all over the country a golden chance to showcase their scientific and innovative talents. The Spades family grows every year cultivating a culture that harbors love and strength.






Message from the EC

We at SPADES feel like we are in a position that allows us to play our part in making this dream a reality. The purpose of this society is to not only provide a platform for young budding scientists to grow, but also to make science more accessible to the common man. To remove the stereotypes attached to this field and make everyone admire the true beauty that lies behind it. The purpose of the scientific community is not to just sit back and keep on solving equations mindlessly, but to question. To question our place in this world. To question how it works, from the cosmos to the fundamental particles at quantum level. There is curiosity in everyone of us and my team and I wish to provide a platform that nurtures such thoughts, allows you to explore new ideas and if you're lucky, find some answers.


SPADES’ flagship event, PsiFi, is one of the biggest science olympiad in Pakistan where students of various schools from all over the country come to participate. With more than 1100 participants last year, PsiFi has had 10 successful editions with the 11thedition to come this academic year. The organizing team consists of around 300 members every year and each one of them working hard to make sure the participants have the most enjoyable learning experience. A range of events in a very scientifically nurtured environment are available for participants to compete in along with a social event on each day of the event that are an attraction in themselves. PsiFi has always been one of the biggest events of LUMS and we at SPADES hope that you join us this year for another successful edition of PsiFi: PsiFi XI.

Startup Weekend

Do you have an idea that can change the world? If yes, then you have landed yourself for the right event.  Start-Up Weekend is a 54 hour long, continuous, event in which young entrepreneurs from across Pakistan get a chance to present their start-up ideas to a panel of eminent judges of the country. The top ideas are selected by the panel to be provided with fast track incubation at NIC Lahore. The best thing about being a part of this event is the experience of interacting with professional coaches, mentors and guest speakers from across Pakistan, each of whom is the leading expert in their field. The event also provides an opportunity to partner with other ardent leaders and entrepreneurs whose skills and ideas can help you with your entrepreneurial journey as well.

LUMS Science Symposium

This year, SPADES is proud to introduce LUMS Science Symposium (LSS) under its umbrella. LSS is for all who want to leave their mark on the world of science and engineering. If you have ever thought of a platform where you will be exposed to opportunities of research in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science or Robotics, LSS is the event you were always looking for. With this aim in mind, SPADES has divided the event into two categories in order to provide an equal ground for all its participants: Independent Research and Epistemic Inquest. In a nutshell, LUMS Science Symposium is an opportunity for all those young and talented students to bring their hidden scientist out in front of the world!

Amazing Race

The Amazing Race, based on the spectacular reality TV series ‘The Amazing Race’, is one of the most notable and gratifying intra-university events of LUMS. It offers a unique, wholesome and exclusive competition where Luminites from all the different batches and schools engage in a time bound and enthralling yet haunting showdown across the campus, seeking clues to solve a mystery. It puts teams of two against each other in a testing competition of wills and wits. This cool and quirky form of treasure hunt also comes with exciting awards and prizes. One can only imagine the drama and thrill that it entails! The Amazing Race allows the participants an escape from the mundane and hectic academic life. It is one of those things that leave an indelible mark on Luminites, making the entire LUMS’ experience worth it.


ATLAS is an initiative of SPADES that seeks to instill the spirit of science on the grass root level. At SPADES, we believe that it is imperative to kindle the passion for science in the common people in order to truly transform the society. To make science and research accessible to all, this extensive event entails a plethora of diverse programs such as live talks, informative science-related seminars, movies and documentary screening, and other engaging activities. In the case of ATLAS, the idea is to make scientific inquiry a significant aspect of everyone’s lives and this can only be achieved if people, especially students, are exposed to the existence of science through various initiatives like ATLAS. Ultimately, it is with this knowledge of science and our relation to it that we can progress as a society and with ATLAS, that is what we aim for! 


The Social Responsibility Program (SRP) is the latest initiative of SPADES. We at SPADES believe that it is our duty to give back to the community that has helped this society and its members grow. With SRP, SPADES plans on helping the underprivileged section of the society, focusing mainly on schools in Lahore that cater to underprivileged students. Under this program come two sub-programs: Aspiring Scientists of Tomorrow and Summer Internship. Through both sub-programs, SRP will aspire to help develop confidence and skills in children which will benefit them in their future. Under SRP, a Mini Psifi will be held in which kids from such schools will get a chance to participate in the same events held in the flagship version of Psifi. Members of the Spades society will be responsible for training and guiding the children. Through SRP, SPADES hopes to give back to the community and we hope you will join us too.





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