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Promoting Science and Engineering

SPADES is a society that comes with the purpose of promoting science and engineering and providing science students from all over the country a golden chance to showcase their scientific and innovative talents. The SPADES family grows every year cultivating a culture that harbors love and strength.

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Extended Council

The Striving Force Behind The Society

Shafaq Shabahat

Vice President

Shahmir Altamash


Ali Zulqurnain


Sehla Munir

Executive Officer

Haseeb Asad

Executive Officer

Maha Humayun

Executive Officer

Omar Hayder

STEM Officer

Zammad Khan

Head of Innovations

Saad Haroon

PSIFI Convener

Ibrahim Farrukh

Convener PSIFI

Hassan Ali

Academic Events Head

Fatima Abaid

Academic Events Head

EC Message

Welcome to SPADES, a realm of limitless possibilities where science enthusiasts gather to embark on an awe-inspiring journey. Here, we foster an inclusive and vibrant community, breaking free from the chains that have confined the field of STEM. Unrestrained by conventions, we embrace the pure pursuit of scientific experimentation and exploration. We provide a nurturing platform where every voice is heard, celebrating the diverse perspectives that fuel groundbreaking ideas. Here, intellectual freedom reigns supreme, empowering individuals to push the frontiers of knowledge fearlessly. Together, we are the catalysts of change, igniting a revolution in scientific endeavor. Join us on this remarkable expedition, where the harmonious fusion of curiosity and ingenuity leads to extraordinary breakthroughs. Together, let us redefine what is possible and leave an eternal mark on the tapestry of scientific exploration. Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and amazed as you embark on this remarkable journey with SPADES.

Shahmir Altamash
President, Spades

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