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Spades is a society that comes with the purpose of promoting science and engineering and providing science students from all over the country a golden chance to showcase their scientific and innovative talents. The Spades family grows every year cultivating a culture that harbors love and strength


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PSIFI Science Olympiad

It is the single biggest science Olympiad in Pakistan in which attracts audience from all sorts of background and schools. Featuring a myriad of events testing your skills and knack for teamwork, get ready to compete in a very scientifically nurtured environment.

Startup Weekend

We host the most popular and well structured entrepreneurial event of Pakistan, powered by Google that caters innovative, game changing ideas.

Space Observatory

The Spades team recently launched its Space Observatory that lets you wander through the lens and look up to the ever lit sky. IF you've ever dreamed of glazing at the Milky Way and counting stars, then Spades Observatory is the spot to sneak in.

Amazing Race

Amazing Race, one of its kind, a hunting showdown across the campus where you discover clues and try to win.


Articles about PSIFI.

Taking an inside look into why Psifi is more a FEAST of FUN than just a science olympiad!

LUMS holds the distinction of being the pioneer of science olympiads in Pakistan. Psifi, which happens to be the most anticipated event of the year, is eagerly awaited by students from highly prestigious institutes across the country. Once again this year, SPADES, with its extremely motivated body of members, is all geared up to make Psifi IX even bigger! Psifi involves a wide array of science-oriented events and competitions. However, what we want people to focus on is that science is not confined to ordinary means of learning and boosting skills. In fact, individuals can begin to love the exciting way in which SCIENCE is amalgamated with FUN. Psifi events like Diagnostic Dilemma might awaken in a delegate a House-like passion for diagnostic medicine, while Th?nk masters in buffing out one's analytical and critical skills. Science Crime Busters, with the most puzzling cases, will ask you to dust off that old detective hat (you know you’ve got one, even if it’s metaphorical) and get thinking in fun, challenging ways. And if you've always been one of the faster kids around the block, Rapid Maneuver will take that and push it to the limit. There are many more events, packed with the thrill and rush of adventure to give you a lifetime experience in the 4 days you’ll spend at LUMS.

Alongside these events, Psifi holds FOUR of the most enthralling SOCIALS for you to get rid of all that post-competition exhaustion every day. We promise that the opening ceremony is a perfect start to your journey at Psifi, and the formal dinner will be a night to remember. But let’s be honest, the best social at Psifi is the concert. This is when all those artists and musicians you love get together under mesmerizing lights and loud music, and proceed to play the hearts out of their instruments and the audience. BOOM! The best concert of the year. If you were there last time, you definitely wouldn’t have forgotten the electrifying aura created on concert night by our very own and beloved Noori! Socials happen to be an imperative part of Psifi, complementing the amazing learning experience we want you to have.

Science is sometimes regarded a dull and dreary field. But the science we do in the events at Psifi is just a fantastic FEAST of FUN. Let yourself discover the bounds of your creative and scientific genius. Psifi will leave you convinced of one fact: science is fun! The SPADES society has always been committed to make these four days unforgettable for all its volunteers. And this year again, all heads are high to bring you the best Psifi ever!

So gear up for the Feast of Fun, gear up for Psifi IX!

Message from the Spades Team.

  • SPADES has given me a family at LUMS and as any family would, it has always taught me how to be a better version of myself. It has taught me the true meaning of the word "team" and has always compelled me to challenge myself.

    Author image
    Rabail Chandio President
  • Our failures define us more than our successes! I believe it gives us something much more than what success can. Perhaps, it challenges our very own beliefs and ideologies; makes us stop in our tracks to re-evaluate and proceed accordingly.

    Author image
    Abdullah Malik Vice President Admin and Events
  • I have been part of SPADES even before I was a part of SPADES. Paradox arises, cool right? But all I truly mean is that my journey with SPADES started with PSIFI, as a participant, then a volunteer, an event head and now finally as the General Secretary.

    Author image
    Maryam Shahid General Secretary
  • From friendships to professional experience, SPADES has given me everything that defines my experiences at LUMS. The society has made me what I am. It has taught me to collaborate, to lead and to celebrate failure.

    Author image
    Moazam Ijaz Joint Secretary
  • I remember my freshmen days all too vividly, the glorious clutter of the innumerable societies at LUMS and their back-to-back captivating orientations. Decisions, decisions. Amidst all the excitement and confusion there was something about SPADES that stood out for me; it instantly felt like home.

    Author image
    Noor Zia Vice President Marketing


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