SPADES is a society that comes with the purpose of promoting science and engineering and providing science students from all over the country a golden chance to showcase their scientific and innovative talents. The SPADES family grows every year cultivating a culture that harbors love and strength.






Message from the EC

Explore. Encourage. Evolve. In SPADES, we believe in using one's skillset to turn dreams into reality. The society's goal is to raise public awareness of science while simultaneously giving young, aspiring scientists a platform to flourish. With science, however, comes a deeply embedded stigma of restrictions but to overcome them, we try our best to show everyone the underlying beauty that can be unravelled. The very purpose of the scientific community is to question. To question our role in the multiverse that seems to have immerged. To question all the possibilities- what may or may not occur and then to analyze the events of our timeline further. Curiosity and satisfaction go hand in hand, and our team hopes to provide the opportunity that nurtures both and allows one to explore new ideas with even more exciting results.


SPADES is proud to announce the 14th edition of our flagship event ' PsiFi'. Psi Fi has been the largest science olympiad in Pakistan for years which hosts around 1200 participants from all over Pakistan. The organising team consists of 300 members and each one of them works hard to make the event successful. It includes a variety of events designed meticulously to ensure a great learning experience coupled with interesting activities. PsiFi is one of the premium events LUMS has to offer and we at SPADES hope you will have an amazing time at PsiFi XIV.

Startup Weekend

Have you ever thought of an idea that can change the world? Then you have come to the right place! The Startup Weekend Lahore is a 54-hour long, continuous, annual event held in March in which young entrepreneurs from across Pakistan get a chance to present their start-up ideas to a panel of eminent judges of the country. The participants also get to network with like-minded, passionate people wanting to create something new and learn what it really takes to build and grow a company from scratch from people who’ve been there. This event will help you learn all the required skills to be a successful entrepreneur encouraging you to think outside the box and explore different avenues. The Startup Weekend is a place where everyone is present under one roof, be it a young nervous individual exploring their interests in life or one of the most successful entrepreneurs the country has ever seen who everyone has looked up on the internet before! Besides all that, the top startup ideas are selected by the judging panel, who are then provided with workspace at NIC Lahore where they can nurture their talent. In the past many startup ideas emerging from The Startup Weekend have generated thousands of dollars of seed funding. So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars now for next Startup Weekend and make sure to be a part of it!

LUMS Science Symposium

The LUMS Science Symposium is a research-focused event centred on the SPADES foundation (Society for the Promotion and Development of Engineering Sciences). The main goal of the event is to enhance research culture among students and emerging researchers by providing them with a forum to present their work and polish their skills. In addition, by interacting with LUMS's instructors and research experts through workshops, conferences, and sessions with highly esteemed guest speakers, we hope to broaden the minds of tomorrow's thinkers and inspire them to explore new avenues of research. We provide these young minds the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of research and learn how to publish world-class research papers on exciting topics that will broaden the view of society and provide new insights for further developments around the world.

Amazing Race

Are you feeling the semester burnout? Seeking an escape to blow off some steam? Look no further; SPADES has the answer to all your problems with our fun-filled event, The Amazing Race. It is an annual themed scavenger hunt in which two-person teams compete against one another across campus for a grand cash prize while attempting to navigate their way through a labyrinth of clues, daunting brainteasers, and fun-filled interactive games in order to cross the finish line before the clock runs out. So, grab a friend and embark on this thrilling voyage through a maze inspired by our beloved campus. Remember, winning isn’t everything, but it sure pays a lot. Get excited because this year’s unique theme will surely make you participate in this!!


ATLAS is an initiative of SPADES that seeks to instill the spirit of science on the grass root level. At SPADES, we believe that it is imperative to kindle the passion for science in the common people in order to truly transform the society. To make science and research accessible to all, this extensive event entails a plethora of diverse programs such as live talks, informative science-related seminars, movies and documentary screening, and other engaging activities. In the case of ATLAS, the idea is to make scientific inquiry a significant aspect of everyone’s lives and this can only be achieved if people, especially students, are exposed to the existence of science through various initiatives like ATLAS. Ultimately, it is with this knowledge of science and our relation to it that we can progress as a society and with ATLAS, that is what we aim for! 


The Social Responsibility Program (SRP) is the latest initiative of SPADES. We at SPADES believe that it is our duty to give back to the community that has helped this society and its members grow. With SRP, SPADES plans on helping the underprivileged section of the society, focusing mainly on schools in Lahore that cater to underprivileged students. Under this program come two sub-programs: Aspiring Scientists of Tomorrow and Summer Internship. Through both sub-programs, SRP will aspire to help develop confidence and skills in children which will benefit them in their future. Under SRP, a Mini Psifi will be held in which kids from such schools will get a chance to participate in the same events held in the flagship version of Psifi. Members of the Spades society will be responsible for training and guiding the children. Through SRP, SPADES hopes to give back to the community and we hope you will join us too.





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