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Get your matrix shades on, Get your fingers to the gym, Rev up your computers and Grab your keyboards for an adventure, launching you towards the challenges of Programming, Decryption of compelling mysteries and the Heights of creating your app.
Get ready for Tech Wars!!

Round Details:

Round 1:
The first round involves having basic programming questions of varying difficulty, based on the different type of participants that we are expected to have; hence a collection of basic and complex questions distributed amongst them.
Round 2:
This round will be a scavenger hunt consisting of bewildering puzzles. The hunt will take place in the form of an exciting story, broken up in pieces. These pieces will be provided as blogs. The delegates will be given encryption files which needs to be decrypted for the next clue. There will also be fun easter eggs along the way.
Round 3:
The MIT App Inventor 2 is an online user friendly IDE that can be used to create Android applications, which can be tested in real time with the Android companion app on the Play Store (if delegates do not have access to an Android device, they can use the Android emulator that will be provided). We will be using this IDE to create an engaging application. Delegates will be given a list of themes provided by us, and can work on any theme they like. The themes range from games to utilitarian applications. Delegates can be as creative as they want with regards to the themes. We will test and mark the application on edge cases such as app-crashing, garbage values, U.I design, and overall functionality. The more experienced teams will not be allowed to work with simpler application themes.

* The host team reserves the right to make any amendments at least one week prior to the event day.

Alina Farid
Event Head Tech Wars

Roshan A. Aziz
Event Head Tech Wars