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Tech Wars

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This year, Tech Wars will provide an opportunity to test your fundamental programming skills. Problem-solving skills would be tested in a multi-layered scavenger hunt. Moreover, the intuition of candidates would be put to the test as they compete to develop a practical front-end design for a website.

Event Details

Day 1

Coding War

TechWars will start with a coding competition in C++. With a pool of challenging problems to solve, the participants will showcase their coding skills as they race against time. Moreover, participants will get to see how far each team is with a live tracker keeping the scores of all teams.

Note: A study guide will be sent to the participants beforehand to familiarize them with concepts/syntax associated with C++ programming.

Day 2


The second round of TechWars, CTRL + F, will be a ‘hybrid’ scavenger hunt. With clues spread out not only across the campus but also on the ‘internet’(yes we’ll exploit your best friend: Chrome XD), this round will test the participants’ creativity while solving a wide range of problems to progress.

Day 3

Creative Capture

This round would introduce the participants to the world of Web design. Participants would be tasked with creating the front page of a website to sell a product. At the end of the round, each team would present their design to our judges, who would evaluate the design based on its practicality and ability to market the product.


Diganostic Dilemma
Science Crime Busters

Our Team

Shahrez Aezad
Event Head
Syed Moiz Ali
Event Head
Haider Ali Naqvi
Assistant Event Head
Mughees Ur Rehman
Assistant Event Head