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The common theme present during the entirety of the event would be team-based problem solving. The rounds are designed in ways that would help the participants gain skills like analyzing knowledge under pressure, communicating effectively with their peers, having the cognitive skills required for puzzles, being able to multi-task and come up with differential diagnoses under extreme stress and time pressure.

Event Details

Day 1

Defy Terrae’ Motus:

Behold the wrath upon the clans by the earth's mightiest force. Can yourself engineered forts withstand the high intensity of earthquakes, or would they crumble to the ground and would become lost ashes. Delegates will be required to design and build a 3-Dimensional tower of height 1 feet. However, these towers should be strong enough to withstand resistance whether it may be the wind or the earthquake! Only people with greatest of architectural and mathematical skills would ace this round.

Day 2

Unleash the Archers - Behold the Devastation

It is time to weaponize archer towers, to equip them with weapons that wreak havoc on their enemies. Delegates will be required to equip them with weapons for the ancient war! They must make a functional Bow and arrows! They will be provided with the basic material and putting their abilities to work, they will have to design their Bow in a way to maximize the distance and with utmost precision.

Day 3

Hold....Hold...Hold... FIRE!!!

We take the teams back to archaic times to put their skills to the ultimate test - Building a formidable Siege machine. The teams must develop their A-game and construct a deadly and jaw-breaking CATAPULT machine that bulldozes their opponents' dreams of winning the event.


Diganostic Dilemma
Scifinity Wars

Our Team

Muhammad Abdullah
Event Head
Mohid Jamal
Event Head
Muhammad Faizan
Assistant Event Head