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Tha-knows Questions
This round will begin Scifinity Wars with the commonly existing stance that what is seen in fictional movies is nothing but fallacies. Hence, participants will disprove the fictional ideas based on logical scientific reasoning, supporting the common notion of a ‘science-fiction movie’ (MARVEL this year), in Tha-knows Questions.
Handling the Groot
The first round will definitely lead your inquisitive minds to doubt that these fallacies might actually become reality some time in future; but compelled by scientific reasons you might object to these ideas for now. Taking you by hand, step by step, this round will make you see how there are things that were once just fiction and nothing else. But now, they are a reality. A reality, you will be able to witness yourself implementing at your own hands! Being able to make ‘it’ in this round, teams will be able to think how this technology, which was fiction a few years back, is now a practical reality.
Lo-ki Wrangle
Psychologically triggered by the contrast of the previous two rounds, this round will develop the vision of Scifinity Wars as a whole. Exposing participants to topics which are nothing close to ‘our’ reality, you will feel that the real world and the extent to which the outside world has grown is nothing that your curriculum books can hold. This round will urge teams to not only see the prospects of fiction becoming science, but also open horizons for them, taking them into a realm of thoughtfulness and contemplation even after the event is over. This round will provide the opportunity of a scientific debate / conference or discussion that will look into the future prospects of fiction becoming science (typically the fictional ideas in MARVEL).
Jericho Missile Test
The fiction themed event, Scifinity Wars brings about the idea of a futuristic approach in the field of science. It aims at convincing you- the participating teams- to appreciate the fact that what today is science was fiction 10 years ago. Hence, also concluding that what today is fiction will become science at your own hands if you let yourself free from the bounds of imagination and creativity yet making your mind captive to the research being done outside of books. The Jericho missile test will test logical and critical thinking to develop on how the gadgets of fictional MARVEL characters can be modeled. After the mental exercise teams will be provided with an actual solution, which they will practically be able to implement. The sense of accomplishment felt after a working 3D model will surely convince you that ‘reality can be whatever you want’ – Thanos.

Noor ul Huda Nadeem
Event Head Scifinity Wars

Eesha Atif
Event Head Scifinity Wars