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Scifinity Wars

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Scifinity Wars brings you an avenue to test your knowledge of science and its laws while raveling your mind in the mysteries of fiction. This year you will have to find answers to mind twisting questions, dive into science to extract arguments, and use power of reasoning and creativity to find a way out of mind-boggling situations. So, are you ready to fight this War?

Event Details

Day 1

Round 1:

Stan Lee, or as we like to call him Excelsior was a maestro of art as his vision brought to life an era of comics, nowadays famously known as Marvel Comics. so, are you ready to Channel your inner Stan Lee and give the world the next Spider-man? ‘The Stan Lee’ will provide a platform for delegates to test their trivia Knowledge as well as allow them to Write and design their very own comic book with an original superhero. So, Fill those pages with your creativity. Give us the craziest characters with unique superpowers. Make it fun. Make it original. Make it sharp. So, are you ready for your Cameo?

Day 2

Round 2:

Are you a master of crafts? Care to prove it? Look no further as ‘Bid & Built’ will provide the delegates with the chance to showcase their creativity and craftsmanship skills, all while racing against the clock as they will be asked to build a famous Marvel Prop item in under 90 Minutes. So don’t forget to bring your thinking caps and aesthetic sense for the adventure of a lifetime. Remember, victory lies in the details.

Day 3

Round 3:

Having kidnapped Mrs. Hudson to satisfy his delusional mindset, The Criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty wants to toy with Sherlock again; Moriarty has hidden clues all over London (LUMS) to aid sherlock in his quest to find Mrs. Hudson. There are hints everywhere, and you just need to find them and deduce the directions to the next clue. The fastest teams returning to Baker Street by completing all the puzzles get the most points. So, sharpen your detective skills, and bring out those thinking caps, as time is certainly not on your side. Will you be able to race back to Baker Street in time, or will you succumb to Moriarty’s plan and become S-H-E-R-L-O-C-K-E-D?


Diganostic Dilemma
Scifinity Wars

Our Team

Saad Haroon
Event Head
Faseeh Uddin
Assistant Event Head