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The combination of real world science and science fiction!
Scifinity Wars will make you question all the futuristic technology on our screens, and have you exploring the possibilities of inventions normal humans can only dream of!

Round Details:

Round 1: Oracle’s Knowledge
Scifinity Wars kicks off this year acknowledging the greatest enemy to science, the notion that that which is fiction, can never come to life. Participants will face common science fiction ideas, and will have to rely on their thinking to refute these fallacies. In doing so, they’ll settle into their comfort zones and be ready to take on a challenge!
Round 2: Council Discussions
Fresh from debunking science fallacies, participants will be thrown into a world of new ideas and adventure. Exploring topics that make them question their own realities, they will realise the possibilities of fiction turning to science, and the extent to which research and development is going in the world beyond their books. Coupled with the traditional act of discussion of new ideas, this round puts forward a scientific debate like no other.
Round 3: Breaking the 4th Wall
The culmination of what Scifinity Wars is meant to represent, this round combines all that participants have seen so far, and gives them the opportunity to showcase their skills. Participants will be given the full experience of science, including research, discussion, thinking skills, design and more, and will leave them with a taste of exploration, so that they walk out having torn down the boundaries between science and fiction.

* The host team reserves the right to make any amendments at least one week prior to the event day.

Muhammad Abdullah Zahid
Event Head Scifinity Wars

Syed Ali Akbar
Event Head Scifinity Wars