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Have you ever wanted to play ‘Cluedo’ in real life? This year, we bring you a simulation of the popular board game, however, without the dice. With the event being on-campus this year, you can expect to find clues – cryptic, forensic, scientific and interact with the suspects all over the campus, leading you to the killer(s) 😉

Rounds Details:

Round 1:
In this round, participants will participate in activities that test their forensic skills. Successful completion of these activities will grant them clues to cracking the case.
Round 2:
This round will play a twist on Cluedo and involve the investigation of several Crime scenes. Participants will investigate each room and attempt games/activities that will provide them with vital clues needed to solve the case. The attempts of each room will be timed, and teams that finish all rooms in the shortest time will gain more points.
Round 3:
This round involves the interrogation phase. Participants will interact with the suspects and ask questions that will narrow down their findings. Teams will be asked to submit their case reports after the interrogation round, including who the killers were, where the murder took place, and the cause of death/murder weapon, in ‘classic’ Cluedo fashion.

Fatima Zia
Event Head Science Crime Busters

Maira Abid
Event Head Science Crime Busters

Muhammad Sarim
Assistant Event Head Science Crime Busters