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The event revolves around a case which will be provided to the delegates on day 0. Delegates will have to extract information through examining the crime scene, laboratory experiments and decoding various ciphers. Their detective and analytical skills will be challenged immensely in order to filter out relevant data to single out the murderer. The evidence they gather will then have to be presented on the final day.
Day 0 - Case File and Crime scene
When the delegates arrive, they will be handed a case file contain the police report outlining basic details regarding the crime that has taken place and character summaries for the individuals who they will be interrogating the next day. They will then be guided to the primary crime scene which they will have to examine and gather evidence that will help them build their case down the line.
Day 1 - Lab Round and Interrogations
The lab round will start early in the morning where the delegates will have to conduct laboratory experiments (to be finalized) related to the crime scene they were shown on Day 0. This component will be graded and points will be allocated according to the accuracy of their results. They will then be tasked with interrogating the primary suspects of the crime, employing not only their intuition but observational skills in order to extract information. PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BRING THEIR OWN LAB COAT.
Day 2 - Scavenger Hunt, Codes and Second Crime Scene
Each team will be provided with a code that they will have to solve leading them to a location on campus where they will be given another code which they again will have to decipher. This will be repeated until they arrive at a second crime scene that may or may not provide clues that will assist them in their case.
Day 3 - Report
The teams will write a report to present the evidence that they have gathered from the previous days and explain why they believe a certain suspect is the murderer.

Daniyal Tiwana
Event Head Science Crime Busters

Zoya Shamsi
Event Head Science Crime Busters