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Do you consider yourself as the Jack of all Spades?!
Well you have come to the right place but Robowars expects much more. A test to your creativity skills, that you boast, on how to make your own robot from scratch. Dive into the intricacies of designing its circuit which to say the least would be 'tedious' but wholesome. And finally, the process of whispering soul into it i.e coding. This three-step recipe formula would be testament of who gets the real adrenaline rush to make its robot soar in Robowars.

Round Details:

High School Categories:

Round 1: Training
In this round, you'll receive training similar to that of a Formula 1 driver getting ready for the big race; you'll study all the details of robotics needed for Psifi and come back with a greater understanding of the subject.
Round 2: Formula One Race
By the end of this round, you will have built, given life to, and competed with the best miniature RC sports car you have yet to manufacture. Let’s see who wins the real Ford V Ferrari.
Round 3: Maze Runner
This is the exciting part. Using your remote-controlled robot, you must escape a meticulously designed maze as traps and other predators attempt to stop you. What advantages and disadvantages will you have? Well, that is yet to be discovered.

University Categories:

Round 1: Boxing Ring
What the name implies, you must knock out other bots in this round as you enter the ring with friends and enemies. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is a reason why this round is called "Boxing," and you will learn it during the event.
Round 2: Sumo
When its hands are bound behind its back, can your robot still fight? Enter the ring with some allies and adversaries, and then demonstrate to the latter why your robot deserves to be crowned the winner.
Round 3: Royal Rumble
Ever longed to compete in a deathmatch battle royal? Well, you have the freedom to annihilate your adversaries in this round. Step into the ring and let the saw blades make the noise.

Hashim Ali Mirza
Event Head Robo Wars

Abdul Basit Farooqi
Event Head Robo Wars

Fatima Sharif
Assistant Event Head Robo Wars