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Pixel Spectrum brings together media, science and technology, giving you an opportunity to unravel your creativity, design media content which conveys messages stronger than words and explore art in the digital realm to create a new, more artistic outlook to the world of science around.

Round Details:

Round 1: Shutter Up
In this round, the participants will be left in a world of creativity to develop a story narration through a series of pictures. Aesthetics and depth of the narration theme will be their way of coming back to the milky way!
Round 2: Steve’s Job
Round 2 is a game of design philosophy and your creative ingenuity where the participating teams will be required to make an ‘aesthetically pleasing’ website to advertise an assigned product using photoshop, figma or any other approved tool.
Round 3: Into the Pixelverse
In the last round, it all comes down to your ability to convey ideas in an imaginative manner through the power of a movie trailer. Teams will be assigned genres which they will work around using their skills and creativity to create cinematic experiences worth watching.

Zoha Khan
Event Head Pixel Spectrum