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Get ready to be tested on not only your mathematical and analytical skills but creativity as well.
Join Math Gauge to decrypt the route to your victory.

Rounds Details:

Round 1: Pressure surge
The first round for our event is designed specifically to test how well you work under time pressure. You'll be tested on your mathematical, analytical, and creative skills. Everyone can solve ciphers but not everyone can create ciphers with creative, humorous messages encoded in them. You'll learn how to create ciphers and to solve tricky mathematical questions under time pressure in this round.
Round 2: Th!nk
Round 2 will force our participants to think out of the box and to brainstorm with their team members to come up with solutions for our seemingly impossible to solve questions. Have you ever been told by someone that 0=1? No? Well we might just tell you that it's possible and ask YOU to prove that this can be true. Seems crazy right?
Round 3: Battle of the Integradiators
The third and final round is, like its name suggests, built to test your integration abilities. On the third day, with only the top teams left, it is time to let your hardcore mathematical skills break through and take the center stage while you go through and solve rigorous integrals to get to the top!

* The host team reserves the right to make any amendments at least one week prior to the event day.

Batool Fatima
Event Head Math Guage

Maham Khalid
Event Head Math Guage

Qimra Hameed
Assistant Event Head Math Guage

Zoha Khan
Assistant Event Head Math Guage