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Day 1:
Vacuum cleaner
Teams will be making a vacuum cleaner using a plastic bottle. A battery powered fan will create vacuum inside the bottle and a nozzle will be collecting the debris.
Day 2:
Rubber ban propellant car construction
Frame: Basically, the teams will be making a cardboard frame with tyres of either bottle caps or CDs. They will also be provided with thermopole sheets that can be used in their frames.
Propeller: They will be using rubber bands, will wound them around pencils and when they will release, the rubber band will start to unwind providing kinetic energy to the car pushing it forward towards the finish line.
Day 3:
Liquid Nitrogen powered rockets
For this round, teams will be required to make water bottle rockets.
The only items teams will have will include 1.5 L coca cola bottles, glue guns, card board, plastic file covers, cutters, ping-pong balls and water. The rockets will be scored on the basis of the distance they cover and their design.

Muhammad Hameed
Event Head Gear Up

Amna Ghafoor
Event Head Gear Up