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From unravelling the workings of everyday mechanisms to initiating a chemical reaction to blast off a rocket high into the sky.
We, at Gear Up, analyze and implement the physical phenomenon that encompass our daily lives.
This is your chance to unleash the scientist inside you.

Round Details:

Round 1:
The teams will be given an online quiz which will test their analytical thinking and their concepts regarding the physical framework of everyday mechanisms/objects.
Round 2:
This will be a surprise round which will be revealed to the delegates few days prior to the event.
Round 3:
Delegates will have to use physical measures to prove certain theories that revolve around the concepts of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

* The host team reserves the right to make any amendments at least one week prior to the event day.

Hamza Rashid
Event Head Gear Up

Taimoor Hassan Sarmad
Event Head Gear Up