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Put your space helmets and reimagine yourself within a space settlement, which you, yourself, get to design! We've got 4 pretty eventful days planned for you so get ready to peek into a Jetson-Starwars-esque hell of a ride!
Round 1:
Get started and get your creative juices flowing with some Mars rover making! You'll have to pinch your inner physicist too, to make through some challenging space-science trivia and pack on some good'ol self-projection for the interviews! Don't worry, we've got a bit for everyone! Through the discourse of the interviews and presentations, and not to mention the oh-so eventful minute to win it tasks we have planned, you'll be sure to have a good time!
Round 2:
Hey hey hey! Don't get too carried away with all the fun, the real work starts when you get your Request for proposal, with a bunch of requirements and oh-so-interesting scenarios to address contingencies!
We've got a bunch of departments for you to navigate through; Structure forms the basis, take it up a notch and shuffle through all possible options before you decide what your settlement looks like! Operations and infrastructure aren't any less either, the workings of your settlement rest on this! Systemise functions such as food production, waste and water management, streamlining the overall functionality of your system.
How do you intend on building this mega scale project? Automations, of course! Here's where you can get funky and fun(but not unrealistic ofcourse). Get innovative and have robots perform tasks such as construction, security and even entertainment! While human factors and community planning sustains life, Business development defeats idleness, thus develop those effectively!
Round 3:
The last and final round accounts for your presentations. A panel of judges evaluate your space settlement, so be sure to put your best foot forward and get your ideas across efficiently! And remember, the juggler is only impressive if he can balance all the balls, and you better not drop any of yours! So space enthusiasts, brace yourselves, for Galactica is the event for you!

Maham Rasheed
Event Head Galactica

Abdul Monum
Event Head Galactica