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Imagine you're an engineer living in the year 2050 and a leading engineering firm gives you an RFP (request for Proposal) to you to build a space settlement that will be a permanent home for around 10000 people somewhere in the solar system. Your job now is to make a proposal that'll include designing the structure of the settlement, shortlisting the materials that will be needed for construction, making transportation system, doing agriculture, providing water, making an artificial atmosphere, using high tech future robots, making a business plan for the settlement and much more. You don't need to be necessarily a science student to win Galactica. All you need is a spice of curiosity a zing of brainstorming and the urge to build something no one has ever thought of building. Galactica is an event that doesn't take place on earth. It will take you well beyond our home and into oblivion. Succeed in winning the RFP and build a home away from home.

Daim Shiraz
Event Head Galactica

Mustafa Arshad
Event Head Galactica