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Delegates battle against time and internal conflicts to design a fully operational space city, but this time with a twist.

The all new Space Conference sets the stage for participants to face off against one another in a series of debates centered around wicked problems in space science today. The Crises Cabinets would put the participant's critical thinking and ingenuity to test as they devise solutions to gain bonus points for the company. Galactica promises to be a rigorous, yet action packed sub-event at PsiFi this year that you should definitely sign up for!

Day 1:
Ice Breaking:
Become a pilot to safely land your (egg) passengers in your own designed aircraft(nest)!
Round Details:
Round 1: Noble Minoans
Make your star constellations by finding clues in the most exciting treasure hunt. After the elimination round, a moon sighting will be organized for all moon lovers!
Day 2:
Round 2: New World Order
Get your innovative minds hyper-activated to make the best space city in the space world and prove why it’s the best one.
Round 3: Galactica Wars
A short buzzer round with the remaining delegates where questions related to space and astrophysics will be asked.
Day 3:
Round 4: Blazing Rockets
Get the materials provided and make a working, most interesting rocket by yourself. Launch your blazing rocket with the resources provided.

Hamza Akmal
Event Head Galactica

Irtaza Tanveer
Event Head Galactica

Sameen Aziz
Assistant Event Head Galactica