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TEAMS WILL BRING THEIR OWN DRONES EACH and demonstrate the flight capabilities of an unmanned, electric powered, radio-controlled drone that can best meet the specified mission profile. The goal is a balanced design possessing good demonstrated flight handling qualities and affordable manufacturing requirements while providing high performance. It is the responsibility of the teams to know and follow all provided rules, the FAQs, and all contest day briefings. The winner will not be awarded Best Delegation points but a Cash Prize instead.
Event Structure:
Each day, only one drone from each team will be tested in multiple tasks and scores will be awarded on completion and performance in the respective task. These scores will make up the final score of the Round. Only the pilot and a spotter will be allowed in the arena. This category will test various skills of the pilot including, but not limited to, taking off and landing with precision and accuracy, maneuvering and maintaining altitude. This will be a score-based event and additional bonus scores will be awarded based on time taken to complete each task.
Competition Structure:
The competition will use the following structure,
Practice: Pilots may practice at the designated practice fields before the event.
Qualifiers: May include one or more rounds of qualifiers.
Mains: Includes rounds of the main heats, with only top scores qualifying for the next rounds then for the finals.
Finals: Pilots who advance from the mains compete in finals.

Sher Ali
Event Head Drogone

Omair Faqah Ur Rehman
Event Head Drogone Wars

Ali Adnan Arif
Event Head Drogone