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First Round
In the first round the host team presented an emergency situation(yet to be decided: earthquake maybe?) which led to many conditions including fractures,shocks,seizures etc. Delegates must prioritise patients and assign them priority cards based on triage a method taught to them during the intro session.They will also be judged upon their use of personal protection equipment(gloves,lab coats etc).
Second Round
The second round will be based on the idea of an epidemic being spread by some sort of rodent, and in this round, delegates are required to make traps for these rodents to prevent further spread of the disease. These traps will be judged according to their effectiveness in not only catching the animal( represented by a ball) but also how effectively and smartly the team has used the materials provided.
Third Round
During the third round, our team members will play the part of patients and act out different diseases. Delegates were required to question the ‘patients’ about their symptoms and diagnose their illnesses, while keeping in mind that patients tend to give unnecessary information which may not be relevant and maintaining a professional attitude towards them.These diseases will not only be limited to any particular type and will vary from complex mental disorders to simple heart diseases.
Fourth Round
The fourth round tested delegates operating skills (steady hands etc), respect for operating environment (e.g. using the equipment provided to operate instead of directly with their hands etc).Using dummies, delegates will perform a surgery to remove bullets represented by candies while ensuring they do not rupture any organs represented by balloons.

Hamza Humayun
Event Head Diagnosis Dilemma

Areeba Suhail
Event Head Diagnosis Dilemma