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Diagnosis Dilemma

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All of DD's rounds are structured in a way that will require the participants to use their creativity, deductive reasoning and analytical skills. By making use of such skills not only will DD improve the participants problem solving abilities but also give them new, useful information about different aspects of medical science.

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Day 1

Code Red

LIn this round, you'll receive training similar to that of a Formula 1 driver getting ready for the big race; you'll study all the details of robotics needed for Psifi and come back with a greater understanding of the subject.In this round, the participants will be given a life-like scenario of an accident with a handful of injured victims. You will be required to rank the patients in terms of their need for medical attention. Your knowledge of first aid and decision-making skills under intense pressure will be tested.

Day 2

Death Bed

This round focuses on performing surgery. The teams will be given a surgery situation for a particular scenario and provided with the required surgical instruments. Participants must complete the operation without rupturing organs before running out of blood!

Day 3

Digestive RGM

This round will involve you designing an intricate rube Goldberg machine structured as the human digestive system. The creativity, accuracy, and functionality of your machine will be under scrutiny. This round aims to bring out the imaginative and innovative side of participants.


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