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Diagnosis Dilemma is an event consisting of three rounds. The participants will have to go through an emergency crisis scenario in which they will have to provide the people with first aid in the refugee camps. They’ll also have to assign the people with the cards according to the severity of their injuries, that is, black being the dead and yellow being the least critical one. Then comes the day to visit a hospital (maybe a mental asylum) to observe and question the patients in order to diagnose their diseases. A form/questionnaire will be given to the participants which will provide them with hints as to which questions should they ask. Lastly, the teams will have to perform a surgery with the help of surgical tools, masks, gloves and lab-coats obviously. But to make things a bit difficult, there is going to be a surprise! Looking forward to working with all the Dr. Salunke(s) and Dr. Tariqa(s) in January.

Ahmad Ali Amjad
Event Head Diagnosis Dilemma

Amman Nadeem
Event Head Diagnosis Dilemma