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Are you confident in your observation skills? Diagnosis Dilemma will force you teams to think on your feet and will test you on the basis of your medical knowledge. Only the teams that are able to keep their cool and gather the most information in the shortest amount of time will be able to move on.

Round Details:

Round 1:
In the first round the delegates will be presented with an emergency situation which has caused many causalities such as fractures, shocks, seizures etc. Delegates must prioritize the patients starting from “Most Severe” to “Least Severe”. Extra points will be given to delegates who apply the appropriate first aid treatment.
Round 2:
Delegates will be provided x-ray photographs of fractured and broken bones and dislocated limbs. They will be asked to identify and name certain bones and outline their procedure for administering basic first-aid to people with these fractured limbs.
Round 3:
Short videos of our team members acting out different diseases will be provided to the delegates from which they will have to diagnose the illness by looking at the symptoms. After that they will compile their findings and will come up with an appropriate treatment.

* The host team reserves the right to make any amendments at least one week prior to the event day.

Waris Shah
Event Head Diagnosis Dilemma

Assistant Event Head Diagnosis Dilemma