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Registration Fee (Team) 2000 Rs
Per Delegate Fee 3500 Rs
Members in a Team 3-5


SPADES took this initiative with the main aim of promoting the passion for scientific research and inquiry in schools, colleges, and universities. It is our firm belief that by allowing students of schools and colleges to engage in university-level research, we can inculcate in them the spirit of seeking scientific solutions to modern-world issues; The idea is to equip an entire generation with the tools necessary to excel in the fields of science. It is a proven fact that experiential learning goes beyond the conventional means of acquiring knowledge. Such initiatives would, therefore, also ensure that our younger generation can contribute profusely to the socio-economic progress of this country.

Meet our teamLSS

Message from spadesLSS

SPADES family is eager to welcome students from all academic backgrounds to this auspicious event. LUMS Science Symposium provides an unparalleled opportunity, to undergraduates and other students, of showcasing their innovative research ideas and testing their own mettle. The event entails knowledge-based interaction between experts and students, allowing all to broaden the scope of their minds. The learning experience being offered at LSS stands to augment the participants’ personal skillset. It is high time our student bodies started playing their role in the development of this country’s intellectual capital.